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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kellye

I’ve already written a blog post about my 5 passions, so I’ve decided to expand on that and write about significantly less relevant facts, but still moderately interesting.


1. I am a LEGO enthusiast. No, that’s not emphasis on the word LEGO. That’s me following LEGO company’s branding guide. Yes, I read it. I’ve also applied for jobs there, including in Germany. I used to have a giant LEGO city, until my dad tore it all down a couple of years ago.

2.I LOVE Bacon! I will be celebrating National Bacon Day with pride (Sept. 1) this year. Unfortunately cannot attend the Bacon Fest in upstate NY, but I will make sure to have my favorite Loveless Cafe Bacon packs on deck.

computerrr3. I’ve always loved technology, but I didn’t pursue web development In fact, that career didn’t quite come about until 2010. Before then, I was mostly a multimedia generalist as a result of the job industry. But before college, I wanted to be many unrelated things, including an Architect, Animator, and a Video Game Designer.

drums4. Around the age of 8 or so, I wanted to learn to play a Harp. Obviously, that’s a bit of an obscure and expensive instrument to learn, so I ended up learning to play drums like my dad and my brother. Also a trombone in middle school concert band.

5. Sometimes around the office, you might catch me wearing the same or similar shirt as Shaun or Chris by complete accident. Luckily, men don’t “throw shade” when they catch each other wearing the same outfit.

6. I have yet to travel outside of the U.S. I’m working on getting my passport soon. Places I’d like to visit first are Iceland, Canada, Belgium, Germany, and England. I’ve chosen destinations where the culture would most cater to my lifestyle. I am not a sun and beach type person.

german7. I learned German for 5 years. I’m pretty rusty these days since I don’t have many opportunities to speak it anymore. The picture are 2 German exchange students that were in my class in high school.

red lobster

8. I’ve been eating the same 2 menu items from Red Lobster for at least the last 10 years of my life. Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo and Snow Crab legs–half orders of both at the same time.

man9. I enjoy watching MMA and Strong Man Competitions. My favorite strong man was Magnus Samuelsson and fighter is Urijah Faber. Occasionally I will watch PBR (Professional Bull Riding) too. And naturally I like watching Rugby, since I play.

wall 10. I’ve been bouldering off and on for 6 years. The picture is of the gym I started at when I was in college. I could do routes on that angled wall, believe it or not.


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