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11 Things You Probably Didn’t Need to Know About Me

Getting to know the real Barbie…

1. I always start reading magazines from the back cover. No idea why.

2. I’ve had one of my recipes published in Good Housekeeping magazine.

3. Although we barely look related, my sister is my little mini-me. We went to the same high school, same college, graduated with the exact same degree and now she works at the same advertising agency, on the same team, reporting to the same boss as I did when I got my first job. She even used to sit in the same “personal workspace” as I did. Strange, I know.

4. My three closest friends are all named Kristen. All spelled the same way.

5. My nicknames didn’t just start when I started working at Convo. A few notables:

Bud: growing up my brother couldn’t pronounce our names so I was Bud and my sister was Buzz – the unstoppable duo.

Krissy: Since my brother’s name is Chris, people never really abbreviate my name. When we were little though my cousin and I were watching way too much Growing Pains and she tried to get people to call me Krissy. It lasted about a month.

Mary (as in Mary Tyler Moore): Don’t ask. I’m convinced my family hates me.

6. When I was three my mom was cooking on the grill. Being the hungry little one that I was/am I decided to pull up a chair and place my hands on top of the grill. Hello third degree burns. I learned my lesson.


7. Mr. Snuffleupagus was my favorite Sesame Street character and I was always sad that he didn’t get more airtime. #needmoresnuffleupagas

8. Story of my life:

9. I’m really not a “math” person but somehow I have an accounting minor. I never do my own taxes. Go figure.

10. I am obsessed with grapefruit anything. I use grapefruit face wash, I love these and I clean the house with grapefruit scented products.


11. I love ducks. When I was in high school my boyfriend tried to catch me a duck for my birthday. He caught one but you needed to take home two – apparently ducks die of loneliness.

Now you know.



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