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2014 So Wearable

From December 16, 2013 – Brand-e: 2014 So Wearable

Wearable technology is not just for gadget heads and will be one of the leading brand trends in 2014, according to a forecast from Landor Associates, which says wearable tech will help people create, plus let them achieve their activity and weight management goals in ways that were previously the domain of costly personal trainers. Brands to watch in this space include Avery Dennison with its Metria wearable sensor, AiQ and its smart clothing, as well as Zephyr Technology with the BioHarness BT.

Landor also points to brands becoming enablers of public services in 2014. “With governments under financial pressure, brands will put their name on more projects that support the public good, rather than stadiums or venues,” the brand consultancy says. “Citibank’s New York City bike programme gives citygoers a healthier, environmentally friendly mode of transportation.”

And people will be rushing to ‘clean-slate brands’, which appear newer, better, faster, cleaner, more open and responsive to consumers versus the old, slow, and untrustworthy brands of the past.

Plus, social media will become old school, transitioning from being a shiny, new object to being a customer service and marketing necessity. “With the rise of visual content on social media, brands can increase engagement and inspire a community of sharing.  Social listening allows brands to assess and identify reach.”

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