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The Best Links Ever

Aside from my stints of (sometimes) playing cello and futile attempts at trying to become a chocolatier, I’ve always been a huge Internet enthusiast. This is corroborated by the fact that my best friend/roommate is an associate editor at Time magazine’s Newsfeed, which means that all she ever does is watch the Internet. She’s introduced me to countless numbers of entertaining and adorable animal videos, covers of lovable Disney songs, and sexy pictures of Jon Hamm. However, when I’m not being distracted by her Internet wiles, I do take the time to find some cool blogs and sites more related to my interests in advertising, entrepreneurship, and learning in general. This pretty much makes it impossible for me to only pick 5 of my favorite sites, so I’ve split them into two categories – my top 5 “serious” links, and the top 5 BEST LINKS EVER.
Top 5  “Serious” links:
1. – a startup dedicated to providing people with education outside of the classroom. There are classes in all sorts of subjects, from UX to designing and making your own shoes, and they usually run pretty cheap. The teachers are awesome and new classes are always available.
2. – I just discovered this a couple of weeks ago, and it’s now #2 on my favorite sites ever. A Tumblr blog that posts and shares new business ideas from around the world, and promotes them through comments and shares. Very inspirational if you’re looking for market opportunities for a new business, and really just awesome in general.
3. Brain Another recent discovery of mine – the site curates eclectic and interesting content on literature, philosophy, art, etc. Plus, they send out an email every Sunday with all the best articles. Once you get past the hipster-y stuff, it’s pretty nifty and definitely worth checking out.
4. A joint blog from Bill Green (Make the Logo), Angela Natividad (AdRants and Live & Uncensored), and Darryl Ohrt (Ex-CEO/founder of Humongo). Posts and comments on recent campaigns, brand successes and failures, and awesome product videos. Thoughtful, short, and sometimes snarky comments abound. Also has a Podcast, which is pretty fun to listen to.
5. As it says in the page title, this blog is “all the ad news not fit to print.” The owner/writer’s name is Dabitch, and she has no shame peppering ad news and campaigns with her smart and often funny opinions. This blog is the ad world’s “edgy” one – it apparently got banned a year or so ago from appearing on some other ad blog because it showed an ad containing naked people. Risque.

awesome links
1. Discovery’s live cam of penguins– yes, there is a live cam of penguins at SeaWorld.
2.Emotions with Jon  A blog dedicated to showing pictures of Jon Hamm making funny faces…..and all of them are sexy.
3.Boo the dog If you haven’t seen or heard about Boo, you have missed out on essential life experiences. He is the cutest dog ever (sorry, Riley), and you need to look at him NOW.
4. Bonjour, Girl! A gay man covers Beauty and the Beast’s song “Bonjour!” …. and it is the best thing you will ever hear/watch.
5. For those of you who love random, adorable, awesome, hilarious, and generally ridiculous things, Buzzfeed WILL distract you from what you’re doing right now. For like 3 hours.


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  1. Angela Natividad September 26, 2012 Reply

    Thanks for the love, Elyse! Many of our favourite links intersect, but I hadn’t heard of Springwise or the penguins livecam. Finally something to replace pandacam. *addicted*

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