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3 Black Friday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Believe it or not, Black Friday is literally right around the corner!  Whatever this day means to you, whether it’s the best shopping day EVER that starts at 2 AM, an absurd concept that completely undermines the whole point of Thanksgiving,  a day to hit some sales to pick up a few big-ticket Christmas gifts, or just a day to sit in the cafeteria mall and people-watch, this is one of the most strategically planned out days for marketers across the country.  For brands managed by big marketing agencies, this holiday is planned for well in advance, with decent budgets.  However, for small businesses, this day can be a bit tricky.

These 3 tips should lend some great insight to small business to lead them in the right direction for their execution of Black Friday 2014!


1.  “No New Friends!” — As harsh as it may sound, this one day that represents 1/365th of the entire year, is not the time for small businesses to target new customers.  It would be more beneficial for you to create a meaningful “VIP” experience for your most loyal customers.  Send them a handwritten note, a personalized email, or even give them a call inviting them to shop at your store with a special discount designed “only for them” that’s good for the whole weekend, on the Wednesday before Black Friday to have access to the most merchandise, or maybe even after hours on Friday to beat the daytime crowds.  Exclusivity is an ego-boost and shoppers love it.

2.  Utilize Your Social Media Platforms — Make sure whatever social media platforms you have are updated regularly.  Social platforms that are just floating out on the web unattended or managed reflect poorly on your company, and may send a negative message to consumers surfing the web who happen upon your page.  Be sure to invite all of your customers to like or follow your platforms. Post behind the scenes looks at the Christmas decorating process, new merchandise being launched for sale on Black Friday, and even maybe in-store incentives for the first shoppers of the day.  Photos and videos receive the most engagement, so whenever possible, add a photo to a status you are posting.  Encourage your followers to share your content, as well.

3.  Guerrilla Marketing — As a small business, you’re likely working with a tight budget.  If you insist on increasing your awareness on this particular day, consider making yourself appreciated and useful.  Maybe handout cups of coffee during the early morning hours at the mall or outside your local Walmart with a flier promoting your store.  Or maybe handout mini hand-sanitizer bottles to promote a healthy holiday season with a sticker adhered to it notifying shoppers of your store and location. Little details that make someone’s day better or serve a purpose have the opportunity to make a much bigger impact than a neon flier shoved in someones windshield.