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3 Ways Brands Can Engage Shoppers on Social Media

According to an excerpt from an article in Mashable’s SWOT Team:

In the past, online consumers turned to search-based platforms, like Google and Amazon, to find specific items they needed and they’d make their decisions based on specs, reviews and ratings.

The search-based approach doesn’t work with lifestyle products because it’s much harder for online shoppers to describe what they want, like a cute red dress that makes them look good. Instead, they’re more likely to make a decision based on what inspires them and what they aspire to look like rather than hard facts.

This is why consumers are increasingly turning to visually oriented platforms like Polyvore,Pinterest and Instagram, which are fun and easy to browse and allow for products to be displayed in a context that helps inspire a purchase, very much like a brick-and-mortar store would.

Here are three ways online stores can inspire and speak to shoppers.