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7 Observations from a Transplant

As the newest member of Conversation, I am very excited to be writing my first post on the Convo blog. I am fortunate to be returning home to the East Coast. I was born in NYC and raised in Jersey, but spent the last 7 years in the Midwest – Wisconsin (#1 college sports town) and Minneapolis, home of the powerhouse Minnesota Twins. Having not lived on the coasts for a while, I am still adjusting to life in the Big Apple. Below are a few observations I’ve made since moving to the city.

1) Swiping your Metrocard is a precise science that I have yet to master. Not too fast, yet firm. And if you fumble (which I often do), people are not pleased. It ain’t easy looking like such a newbie.


2) Key learning: sweatpants don’t seem to exist in people’s wardrobe. At least not in public. I wore my Wisconsin sweatpants out to grab a bagel my first Sunday in town and whoops I didn’t realize that my only choice was really what color of jeans to select…black or blue.

3) Happy-hour appears to be every hour based on NYC bar traffic. Except drinks aren’t often on special. On the contrary they are typically quite expensive. That said, it appears to be socially acceptable to drink at any hour. Plus the 4 am bar close – ooof dah. This place is awesome.

4) Wow, is my new favorite website. You can literally have anything delivered to your doorstep in like 45 minutes or less. Cha-ching! Bookmarked.


5) People don’t really wear Knicks jerseys or t-shirts to games. Instead, team unity and pride is communicated through an outfit with orange and blue in it and that’s maybe half the crowd.

6) Brooklyn, while only, like, 3.5 miles away, feels like it requires a passport to enter. So close yet so far. Over/under 3 months until I cross the bridge(s)? There is just so much to do on the island!

7) For a city of over 8-million people, it actually feels pretty small. I have run into college and high school friends, plus buddies from abroad, on the street, at restaurants and attending NY sporting events. It’s great to be back in NYC.


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