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42% of Americans Can’t Live Without It.

No, it’s not reality television.¬† It’s everyone’s favorite distraction from working, driving, awkward dates, and most family gatherings; the cell phone!


The global market research firm Synovate has released data from its new global mobile phones survey, revealing just how attached Americans are to their cell phones.

Synovate surveyed over 8,000 cell phone owners across 11 markets – including 504 in the US – to learn more about how people are using these devices, which features they use and how they really feel about them.As it turns out, three quarters of the survey respondents – including 82% of Americans – never leave home without their phones.¬† 42% of Americans actually said they ‘cannot live without’ your cell phone.

While I can understand what 42% of America means by that statement, I will digress to point out things that someone like myself who is in the other 58% of the population can’t live without.

1. Food

2. Water


4. Megan Fox


Returning to the Conversation at hand, the survey also asked participants what they do with their cell phones.  Besides the obvious calling and text messaging three features most used are:

  1. Alarm clock – 67% globally use this regularly / 56% of Americans
  2. Camera – 62% globally / 68% of Americans
  3. Games – 33% globally / 31% of Americans

While those facts are both interesting and insightful, some better, more interesting and insightful statistics came out of this report as well. This survey showed that 31% of people interviewed have lied about their whereabouts via text, and one in five has been too awkward to call someone and actually set up a first date through a text message .

Other great facts are:

12% have broken up with someone

8% of respondents have been dumped via text

One third of all respondents globally had flirted with their partners by text, including 36% of Americans

15% have flirted with someone other than their partners

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