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$80 for an “E”? Eeep!


Part of our company makeover in early 2011 included completely re-vamping our office space: We painted our walls, hung tvs, installed an office-wide sound system, and overall transformed our work space to better reflect the type of people we are. Those who know us know that we don’t typically half a** anything, no matter how big or small of a project.Therefore, it should come as no surprise that our front welcome sign (our company name) is far from low-grade. And by not low-grade, I mean not cheap.

Recently, the sign’s “E” somehow broke. (Maybe it was part of the recent filming that took place in our office…?) Regardless, our operations department discovered that to replace one letter put us out $80! Needless to say, we had no choice (again, we’re perfectionists in everything we do), so of course we laid out the money.  Our lovely sign is back up and running – Part of the price we pay to keep our office in top condition!



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