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90s Era Making a Comeback

It has been said that it takes around 20 years for memories from the past to circle back and invoke a sense of longing and nostalgia; however, it seems as though this rule must be meant to be stretched because now only 15 years since 1990, our culture seems to be tapping into their inner 90s persona.  The time of Fresh Prince, furbys, Spice Girls, grunge-wear, scrunchies and Crispy M&Ms brings many of us back to that pre-9/11, pre-Great Recession,  pre-internet crazed/connected world.  It was a more simple time where the economy was better, terror threats weren’t so imminent, and everyone’s faces weren’t glued to their smartphones all day long.  This longing for the pre-millennium time has marketers tapping into nostalgic campaign ideas.  Geico’s Super Bowl commercial featuring Salt-N-Pepa, urging a variety of people to “push it”, has received over 6 million views on YouTube alone!  The famous Calvin Klein ad featuring Mark Wahlberg is back with much discussion over the new model, Justin Bieber.  To top it all off, the entire Friends series is now on Netflix!  Marketers, if you’re looking to capture the attention of Millennials or Gen-Xers, consider doing a throwback to the 90s.