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Student Universe

“StudentUniverse Media contracted Conversation Agency for development work and sweepstakes fulfillment for a college-targeted campaign for a client. From the beginning, the Convo team was extremely flexible and creative in crafting a package that fit the campaign needs within the budget parameters. The Convo team worked with us on finding creative ways to bring our ideas to reality. Since the program was centered around a Facebook application, we could not have chosen a better agency to build it out. Conversation has well-rooted expertise in social media and was able to advise on best practices and policies throughout. Given that the program was very new and exploratory for the client, there were frequent changes and additions. Every request was responded to with courtesy and timeliness. Conversation made sure that we had the resources needed to deliver for our client. We were repeatedly pleased with their level of excellence in client services. We hope to be able to work with Conversation on many more projects in the future.”