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A Journey on the USS VP Maritime


The dock bounced, making sea legs for all those who walked upon it. As the group arrived to the ship, the USS VP Maritime, they were mostly empty-handed. Only later would the travelers wet their whistle with a splendid invention of human-kind, beer.

Around 15:10, a window on the boat exploded into hundreds of pieces. The sweep team cleared the area, allowing travelers to maintain a safe existence, and around 15:30, the swashbucklers shoved off.

Into the Great Wide Open
The sun shone through the clouds periodically, tickling the skin of the travelers with its gracious light. They were traveling South on the River of Hudson, and as they approached the unparalleled ethical area referred to as “The Financial District,” many photos were taken. One World Trade Center stood out above the other lowly hundred foot monstrosities. And after the travelers were content with what they had seen, they continued to motor on towards the Statue of Liberty.

The tour guide reminded the group about the rich history of the Statue of Liberty, specifically as to how it was renamed to the Eiffel Tower, and that it was a gift to America from the Germans. Apparently, the Germans also spoke, and continue to speak, French.

More photos were taken; however, one passenger on the USS VP Maritime was unable to generate a visual memory from their silly cassette player. After three attempts, the girl gave a stern look at the device and hurled it overboard, and shouted with gusto, “Bon Voyage!”

Other passengers cheered her on. It was a victory for the human race. After all, she had thrown away a Blackberry telecommunication device.

Up the East
Satisfied with the sights of the remarkable German gift, the passengers continued on up the East River. The knowledgeable tour guide let them know that they were passing under the Golden Gate Bridge, and then the Williamsburg Bridge.

The sea had calmed quite a bit, and some travelers had taken to the front of the ship. This location is often the most exciting part of the boat due to the opportunity of being kissed by salty sea water.

When the USS VP Maritime came about at approximately 16:00, one young man remained at the bow of the ship, while others retreated to safer quarters.

The ship motored back down the East River from whence it came. The seas began to rumble and waves began to tumble the ship.

The bow went up and down and yet the young man remained.

SPLASH. Water came over the front of the boat and the young man was chilled with the freshness of life.

SPLASH. The young man was soaked to the bone.

He accepted only a few more lashings from the water before he carefully returned to a dry place on the ship. The rest of the passengers remained seated by command of the ship’s captain. The seas were rough indeed.

Returning Home
The ship picked up speed, regardless of the rough waters. These were New Yorkers, see, they had places to be. At around 17:00, they approached the dock from which they departed. The deck hands scrambled around, shouting commands to the captain.

Suddenly, there was a loud scraping sound. From within the ship, it sounded like the ship’s hull had crashed into something. A deck hand was yelling more commands. And then it all went silent.

They were home, and the drinking continued.


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