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A New Yorker’s Dream: UberCab

Hailing a cab can be a  total nightmare, but an iPhone app is about to make our lives a whole lot easier (love ya, Apple!). The new app, UberCab, lets users request a cab, track its location, AND automatically pay for their ride through the app with a credit card on file. This service costs about 1.5x more than a normal cab charges, but the service guarantees arrival within minutes of the request and a luxurious, comfortable ride.

“But how does it all work” you ask? The app uses the location of your iPhone to locate the nearest available driver, and sends him right to your street corner. Drivers have their own version of the app, so they can accept a request and then be tracked on the customer’s phone.¬† At the end of the experience, the driver and customer both get the chance to rate each other and the experience overall.

This app is AWESOME! Don’t get me wrong, I totally love my virtual fishing app, but UberCab seems a tad more useful. UberCab is currently limited to the city of San Francisco, but they’ve announced that the service will soon be expanded to NY and LA, and will also be available to Android users in the near future.¬†We are DEFINITELY going to try it when it comes to NYC–will you?

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  1. Austin October 20, 2010 Reply

    Thanks for the UberCab love! We’ll let you know when we’re officially in the Big Apple.

    -Austin and the UberCab Team

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