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A Possible Facebook Competitor in the Works?

Rumors have been spreading like wildfire that Google is in the process of creating their own social network called Google Me. Google Me is hoping to become as big as, or bigger than, Facebook, who is their largest competitor in the social networking world. While there is no official statement regarding this project, Facebook’s former CTO, Adam D’ Angelo, said that Google Me is underway in development and is being taken very seriously. Google tried its hand in social media by creating Buzz, which was a mirror image of Twitter and didn’t gain much popularity. Another social network flop called Okrut was big in South America, but never took off globally. The problem was that Google was just copying already existing sites and not creating something entirely new that people would be drawn to with curiosity.  According to D’Angelo, Google Me is based off of Facebook, which will make it very tough for them to overcome the powerhouse and become the leader in social networking. I’m anxious to see if the Google Me rumors are true…what about you?


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