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According to Chinese Zodiac, 2015 is Looking ‘Sheepish’

The upcoming Lunar New Year celebrated in China on February 19th is not only a huge event for natives, but also for marketers.  The year currently coming to a close, The Year of the Horse, was widely utilized by marketers for its representation of speed and success.  Budweiser, Pepsi, and Hermes were among some of the top brands to leverage the Horse in their campaigns.  The upcoming New Year celebrates The Year of the Sheep.  Marketers may not be as swift to adopt celebration of this animal since it typically represents being meek, weak, and bullied.  Superstitious parents will try to avoid having children during this year as it likely will result in an unlucky baby.  Unfortunately, these fluffy lambs have developed a bad reputation, but this year marketers should consider leveraging a different spin on the given traits.  Positive traits associated with people born in this year are kind-hearted, tender, wise, compassionate and gentle.  If executed properly, a campaign focusing on these qualities may be a welcome change.