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AdAge’s 6 Factors to Consider Before A Premium Buy

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AdAge suggests six specific factors that should be prioritized for any premium buy. Check them out below!

1. Human audience: Testing for humanity should be job No. 1, and pricing should be based on impressions seen by real people, excluding any bot traffic.

2. Cognition: Proper engagement is critical to campaign effectiveness. If consumers can’t remember the ad message, marketers are gambling instead of investing in marketing.

3. Targeting: Data targeting that ensures the right in-market shoppers are seeing the ads has become table stakes.

4. Viewability: The value of being at the top of a popular website has not been lost entirely, but ad blocking and indifference waste ad budgets. The industry standard for viewability is pretty low, so high-quality agencies have made moves to ensure higher-quality placements.

5. Immersion: To beat back apathy, ads must deliver a high-quality user experience that fits in naturally with the path the user is already on. Good native ads should be seamlessly integrated.

6. Brand safety: Advertisers must be increasingly aware of sites with controversial content and tag their ads in an effort to avoid any negative adjacencies.


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