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Anna Kendrick Drives Kate Spade’s Pre-Roll Success

So, you’re out to lunch with a friend talking about everything from your family to the article you read on BuzzFeed that morning wasting time before you pulled yourself out of bed; while on the topic of gems found on the internet, you remember that amazing YouTube video that you happened upon last week.  You check the time and realize that you really need to get back to work, but then again this video is a MUST see.

You hype up the video and tell your friend that they just NEED to watch it.  It will only take a minute.  You frantically take out your phone and look up the video.  As single seconds seem to turn into what feel like 30 second segments you wait for the video to load in silence.  Finally!  The buffering symbol goes away and the audio kicks in.  Then you realize… “Ughhh, sorry this an ad!”  And worst of all, it’s the kind that doesn’t give you the option to skip after the first 5 seconds.

You both sit there awkwardly waiting for the ad to finish, and in the meantime you slowly feel the hype of the video getting sucked out of you.  However, if the Big Brother of the web happened to pick up that you spent quite a bit of time scoping out Kate Spade iPhone cases as stocking stuffers for your girlfriends at work, then you might have been lucky enough to hit the jackpot that is their two minute pre-roll ad featuring the hilariously perfect in every-way Anna Kendrick.

Perfecting the art of pre-roll ads is quite a large feat, but this ad hits all the marks.  All things considered, despite the fact that this is in fact an AD, it feels much more like a glimpse into Anna’s presumably awkward yet perfect life.  Watch the video below for your Friday entertainment.  Happy Weekend!