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Are People Actually Giving Gifts Through Facebook

Are people actually giving gifts through Facebook? Last year, the site implemented the program in which users could send friends a gift – in the form of a gift card, bottle of wine, subscriptions, etc. – for a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or engagement, without even having to divert a great amount of attention away from their newsfeed. However, no one is exactly sure how much the service is bringing in for the social media giant. As Cotton Delo of AdAge pointed out, the company did not even bother to include it in its earnings report for the last quarter of 2012.

One of the issues regarding the platform is the fact that product brands are often times not prominently displayed. Therefore, the user is not exactly sure what they are getting before clicking. As a result, the act of buying a gift via Facebook is independent of the brand experience.

In addition, some brands are starting to grow tired of Facebook refusing to share credit card data from orders. It is felt that at some point the site will have to own up and supply more information. If this does not change, the combination of limited information and low sales may lead to some brands reconsidering their partnership with the site.

In other Facebook news, the new version of Facebook Home was released on Thursday. This comes as the site claims it has hit the 1 million download mark after initially seeing sluggish results following Home’s release last month. While the platform is still receiving lackluster reviews, the new version should put a stop to any bugs initially reported.


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