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Around the Conversation Office

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Activity around the Conversation office stayed strong straight through the end of 2012 this December. In the beginning of the month, the agency made the final push to align the look and physical feel of the office with Conversation’s personality. Renovations to the office have now improved the flow of the agency, bringing closely related departments together while making the most use of our space at 18 West 23rd Street.

Additionally, Conversation has always had an engaging and educational internship program, giving participants the opportunity to not only learn about the industry, but become valuable parts of the agency. Fall 2012 was no different. This semester’s interns culminated their time here by splitting into two teams (or “agencies”) while pitching a campaign idea to a panel of Conversation judges. The judges played the part of a brand looking for an agency. In the end, only one group could emerge victorious. However, that did not take away from the experience the program gave to the interns and the support they gave back to us in return.

Lastly, to celebrate the holidays, all Conversation team members participated in a Secret Santa exchange the week before Christmas. While some gifts were a little more eccentric than others, the important takeaway was that everyone was able to show their appreciation for one another.

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