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Because Who Doesn’t Want a Black Blob on Their Screen?

With the initial shock of the oil spill in the Gulf Coast wearing off and not much being done to resolve the issue, people are becoming more creative in ways of spreading awareness.  A new application that allows you to create an oil spill on any website is the latest tool out on the market. The app – A Cleaner Future – was the doing of marketing company, Mark & Phil and postproduction house, Greener Media.  The aim of the app is to raise awareness about clean energy alternatives and getting people to spread the word. When visiting the site,, you will be able to create your very own oil spill on your website of choice and will be given an inspirational quote and have the choice to send it to your friends (which I suggest doing!). A Cleaner Future is also in the works of creating a documentary about the communities affected by the oil spill, according to Ad Age. Since many people aren’t directly affected by the spill, we tend to forget about it and move on with our daily lives. The reality is that there are real people who are dramatically affected by this and need help and support. This application is one of the many that are educating people that there are energy alternatives and tragedies like this can be avoided in the future. What do you think about this app? Is it effective?


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