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Black Friday… So Overrated

For many, it has been a tradition for years.  For others it’s a crazy anomaly that they will never understand or or engage in.  Regardless of your stance on Black Friday, it’s known for being the “biggest shopping day of the year” and for marketers, it’s a huge deal.  They appeal to the excited holiday emotions of their audience by beginning to run radio spots, TV commercials, digital and print ads as early as the end of October!  What’s more is that they have driven the rise of deals starting earlier and earlier.  What used to be a single-day-of-the-year holiday shopping extravaganza is now becoming a bit blurry.  With sales starting as early as the week before Black Friday, stores deciding to open on the night of Thanksgiving, and additional days being added to the mix such as Cyber Monday and Shop Local Saturday, a little bit of that luster has been taken from the day.  In fact, chief industry analyst for the NPD Group, Marshal Cohen, explained that starting sales a month or more before Black Friday doesn’t stimulate more business so much as spread the same commerce out over a longer period. “We’re not changing our behavior,” he said, “we’re just changing when we shop. It’s a front-loaded thing, and we go into a deeper lull after it’s over.”  All of this isn’t to say that Black Friday is going away anytime soon.  Approximately 30% of shoppers plan to spend money this Black Friday and stores are sure to be packed as usual.  Just wear comfy shoes and pack a giant bag of patience if you plan on heading into the mayhem.  

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