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Bloomberg Businessweek New Marketing Strategy for Millennials

The Bloomberg Businessweek new marketing strategy for millennials is concentrating on those who still live at home with their parents (reminds me of a certain someone’s post from last year). The publication recently launched the website just in time for graduation. The site contains e-giftcards that can be sent to the to the “tenant” – along with a 12-month free subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek – by parents, significant others, friends, and various other parties that believe it is time to move on. Each card contains a somewhat comical comment about the situation. Some of my personal favorites include: “You’re not a professional ‘YouTuber’, you’re just not,” “I can’t keep paying for your drinks,” and “Roses are red. Violets are blue. Get a job.”


It’s definitely an interesting play for the publication. According to Echo Media, the average reader of Bloomberg Businessweek is between the ages of 25 and 54 with an median income of roughly $90,000 – not exactly who you’d expect to be coming out of college. In addition, it rarely features stories revolving around subjects such as interviews or job hunting tips. However, according to Mashable, one of Businessweek‘s chief goals is to simply educate millennials about the business world.

It’s also possible that the brand believes the e-giftcards could become a viral sensation, as they can be sent with both paper subscriptions (cards can be purchased at greeting card store Papyrus) or virtually in the case of an iPad subscription. Either way, it is fun to see the usually serious and straight-laced magazine display its playful side. My question is just whether or not it is worth it.


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