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Brands That Understand Digital and Social

While every brand wants to take advantage of digital and social media, there is a right way and a wrong way to using it to a company’s advantage. Conversation clients dots and Buffet’s, Inc. are two examples of brands that understand digital and social. Both worked with the agency to produce content that was not only original, but engaging to consumers on different levels.

  • dots asks fans to define what the “IT Factor” is for themselves
  • Buffets, Inc. utilizes Facebook differently than many others

dots Makes October About the “IT Factor” – All this month dots has been running its “IT Factor” contest, which encourages visitors to post about what exactly the “IT Factor” is, and why they have it.

Visitors to the campaign site ( between September 20 and October 11 had a chance to upload photos and written submissions about what makes them individually stand out. Participants immediately received a coupon after uploading.

While the chance to upload is now over, every entry can also be voted on up until October 26. The top 10 finalists will be given a chance to win prizes ranging from a $250 gift card to a $1,000 gift card and a trip to attend and participate in a dots photo shoot in New York City.

Buffets, Inc. Hotel Transylvania is a Trailblazer – Buffets, Inc. brands Ryan’s®, Old Country Buffet®, and HomeTown® Buffet recently worked with Conversation to launch the Scare-a-versary Sweepstakes,” featuring prize pack giveaways from Hotel Transylvania.

What makes the campaign even more noteworthy is the fact that Buffets, Inc. and Conversation are among the first to take advantage of Facebook’s new promotional guidelines.

Businesses were previously not able to leverage any existing Facebook functionality for marketing purposes. This meant all contests or giveaways were required to run within unique third-party applications. However, Facebook is now allowing brands to run promotions directly on Timelines, while utilizing Facebook features such as likes, comments and shares as means of entry.

This is great news for agencies and brands alike. With concepts such as direct messages, comments and “likes” factored into campaigns as contest entries, the overall experience is much more engaging for users. This can lead brands to establish loyalty more easily by rewarding fans for their interaction.

With engaging social content, unique SEO strategies and cross-promotional campaigns, Conversation has seen an increase in Buffet’s, Inc.’s fan base. Since the agency’s takeover of social and digital, cumulative organic fan growth is up nearly 25% with annual website visits up nearly 30%.


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