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Buzzfeed Will Be Placing Its Native Content On Other Sites

Last week we touched upon the value of branded content and how more members of the media, advertisers and journalists alike, are embracing the concept as a legitimate tool for distributing both brand information and hard news. So it should have come as no surprise on Tuesday when Ad Age reported that the increasingly popular Buzzfeed will be placing its native content on other sites.

Native advertising is still a concept that agencies and brands are both having difficulty adopting. Therefore, it should go without saying that the concept of one site paying another to display its own native ad content has rarely, if ever, been done. Buzzfeed content will be labeled as such on the other sites and, according to Buzzfeed President Jon Steinberg, will pay $3 per thousand impressions.

Content marketing has already been adopted by companies such as Coca Cola and offers brands an opportunity to capture the attention of consumers while a) not seeming too disruptive and b) costing very little money. With Buzzfeed creating these partnerships, plus the viral tendency that most of its posts seem to carry, it may encourage other brands, not to mention news sites, to more willingly warm up to the idea of native advertising and content marketing.


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