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Celebrity Endorsements: Analysis, Research, Facts


Snooki and Pistachios With Some Tiger Blood on the Side

What about Snooki and a tanning bed doesn’t make you crave pistachios? I’d say pretty much everything, but maybe I’m the only one. LA based Paramount Farms says that they, “experienced a record breaking year with both a 233% increase in brand sales year-over-year and a statement-making entrance into the $8 billion ‘salty snack’ category dominated by chips.” The $20 million dollar “Get Crackin” campaign starring Rob Blagojevich, Chad Ochocinco, Lewis Black and YouTube’s infamous Keyboard Cat in addition to Snooki (opening pistachios in their own creative ways) clearly hit the mark here.

According to market researchers, roughly one-fifth of all advertisements include a celebrity and thanks to companies like, the $50 billion celebrity endorsement market has spilled over into the social media world— now Charlie Sheen can get paid to tweet gems about warlocks and #winning. Sean Rad Founder of (who works with over 1,000 celebrities and has run more than 24,000 endorsements to date) said,”The beauty of it is that celebrities cut through the noise. We’re hit with a lot of ads as an Internet user. The things you’re going to pay attention to are what the celebrities are talking about, and what they’re telling you. So when a brand integrates itself into that moment, they stand out.”

Is it really the celebrity that matters though? A new study released by the Nielsen Company suggests that the celebrity may be strong, but the celebrity followers hold even more power. The study found that people who followed celebrities within social media networks were 4 times more likely to follow a brand than the average adult internet user. Celebrity followers are also more likely to engage their social media with their opinion therefore being the source of word of mouth marketing.

There is the obvious risk and expense of celebrity endorsement, but perhaps Drew Barrymore’s lashes (, Ashton Kutcher’s camera skills (, or Snoop Dogg’s ride ( and their following will get people talking and ultimately spending.



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