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Celebrity Endorsements: Trends, Uses, Case Studies


Top 5 celebrity endorsements:

This week I’ve decided to turn the case study portion into the Top 5 celebrity endorsements. The most memorable based on creativity, earnings and celebrity caliber.

Number 5: Ozzy Osbourne and Samsung

Samsung hired Ozzy Osbourne, once lead singer of Black Sabbath, to promote Samsung Mobile. Since nobody ever understands what he says, he’ll just have to text, a great creative approach to sell mobile phones.

Number 4: U2 and Apple

Remember those apple iPod ads with silhouette people dancing to some great tunes. Then U2 was part of the mix with their song “Vertigo”, all that was stuck in peoples heads was “uno, dos, tres, catorce”. Apple also created limited edition U2 iPods that were signed by the band and in black and red colors.

Number 3: Bill Cosby and Jell-O

Bill Cosby has been associated with Jell-O since 1974. Memorable for promoting Jell-O pudding.

Number 2: Catherine Zeta-Jones and T-Mobile

Catherine Zeta-Jones teamed up with T-Mobile in 2002. Her celebrity status brought sophisticated branding to T-Mobile’s innovative products.  The endorsement deal was settled for $20 Million a day.

Number 1: William Shatner and Priceline

Captain Kirk hit the jackpot when he decided to team up with Priceline, the discount travel website.  Shatner made the right move when he decided to take stock options in the company than a lump sum paycheck. The stock options are now worth $600 million!


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