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Chocolate Milk Not Only Targeted at Gen Z

MilkPEP, the Milk Processor Education Program, who is notably responsible for the 20 year running ad campaign “Got Milk?” has launched a new campaign featuring Olympic gold medalist Apolo Ohno that promotes the benefits that chocolate milk can offer as a post-workout drink.

A drink generally targeted at moms, kids, and young men is now being positioned as a new drink of choice for “athletes 18 and older.” Despite the positive impact that this can have on the dairy industry, it consequently opens doors for companies typically regarded as sugar mavens, such as for example Hershey.

What does this mean? Seeing a Hershey ad showcasing their signature syrup bottle in the hand of a sweat drenched 20 something woman after her evening jog is not as far-fetched of a possibility for the near future as one may have imagined. Who knows, maybe the Nesquik rabbit will be the new face of Crossfit?  As marketers we always need to be thinking ahead of the curve and considering how new trends can affect existing brands.