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ClipArt Killers: Inaugural Post, Starbucks Changes Logo

A lot of brands have recently changed their logos. We thought we’d add a category to our blog designed specifically as an outlet for us to give our own 2 cents on these changes…


Today, Starbucks unveiled the newest iteration of their logo, something that had not been changed since 1992.  The logo features their symbolic siren in white on a green circle background. 

It‚Äôs clear that the logo is definitely different, but the meaning is a bit harder to pick up on. CEO Howard Schultz said that the new logo¬†more prominently displays the siren coming out of the circle to symbolize Starbucks’ intention of broadening its focus. Though they will still be the “world’s leading purveyor of high-quality coffee,” they will move on to sell much more.


No one is quite sure what to expect from them, though. Perhaps they will move on to sell mixers for their¬†coffee like Baily’s and Kahlua…?






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