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Conversation: 2010 in Review

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint.

Strike That.

It’s a Marathon THAT You Sprint.


I kept waiting for 2010 to slow down so I could breathe a bit.

I vaguely remember promises of a quiet summer. “This is New York City! Everyone goes to the Hamptons!”

Apparently at Conversation, we have happened upon a strange cross-section of Clients who hate the beach and despise large house parties.

As we entered the fourth quarter, there were whispers of “You can count on a mellow fourth quarter. Clients have already spent all of their budgets. They don’t have money for anything more. We’ll just begin planning for 2011.”

Alas, ‘twas not to be. We landed more new business in the fourth quarter than any of the others.

Of course, we’re not complaining! These are excellent problems to have!

2010 was an amazing year for Conversation, most aptly described, in a word, as “new.” And there was lots of it.

New Office

At the end of January, we moved into our current location in the Flatiron area. We occupy the top two floors of 18 West 23rd Street, and we love it here. The floor plan is open, the light floods in from the gigantic windows in the conference reception room, we have an oven (we’ve even baked cookies!), a fireplace (which we’ve been using regularly this winter), two showers (um… you never know when those might come in handy?), and tons of outdoor space. Our only objection is that we are already busting at the seams because we have lots of…

New Faces

In 2010, we more than tripled our employee count. We have added entire departments that didn’t even exist before! Arielle Chorney has assembled her own Client Services battalion.  Miguel Gordon has begun adding Developers to our ranks. Christopher Anderson has gone on a Brand Development bender with no end in sight. Mimi Lin is whipping Business Operations into shape. Laurie Patrei is crafting Corporate Communications, one color-coded calendar at a time. Design, Operations, and ChatLab are no longer one man/woman shows! All of these additional individuals and departments are necessary because of all of our…

New Business

We continued many of our existing relationships throughout 2010, including: The Children’s Place, Blandi Products, and the North Shore LIJ Hospital System. We also began working with many exciting brands, such as Tom Ford, Hearst, Carrol’s Corporation, Cregle, 16 Handles, Palm Bay, PeopleJar, Physician’s Formula, Pollo Tropical, and SVEDKA.  We have been busy building eCommerce websites and Flash ads, conducting CPC and CPM campaigns, creating brand identities and voices, and generally causing merriment and mayhem all over the information superhighway. After all that work, we’ve had great cause for celebration, so we’ve introduced a bunch of…

New Parties

In April, we kicked off our ‘Last Thursdays’ series. On the last Thursday of every month, we held networking events here in our office (remember all that outdoor space I mentioned?). The parties were always themed and allowed us to do some (ok, all) of the following: purchase a Conversation branded Pop-a-Shot, drink Jack and Coke out of teacups, eat made-to-order crepes  (twice), invite The Guitar Man to perform (also twice), and dance on the roof. Though Last Thursdays ended with roofthe summer, we continued to host awesome events into the Fall and Winter. In September, we sponsored a private screening of ‘The Social Network,’ and in October, ‘Last Thursdays’ returned for a special One-Night-Only Fundraiser for the Lower East Side Girls Club. Our year ended with a Naughty and Nice Holiday party, complete with carolers, a naughty Santa, magicians, and even crepes (oops… make that thrice).  Thankfully, Last Thursdays will be back in April!

 New Year

We have already hit the ground running in 2011 and cannot wait to see what the coming months hold for us. One thing is certain though: we are going to need more office space!


– Erin Sjostrom, Director of Operations

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