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Conversation HQ: Our One-Stop, Homemade Management System

Here at Conversation, we’ve tried a few different systems for our HR and Management needs. Each had its own advantage, but none seemed to cover everything we wanted. So – we did what every innovative Ad Agency should be able to do – we created our own system.

Conversation HQ is our one-stop shop to check mail, chat, manage projects, log hours, and conduct reviews.  Take a look at what we’ve created:

1. The lefthand navigation bar displays each section of the site.
Dashboard: Homepage that allows Users to view who is Online, Record Time, Follow a Quick Link, or Post a Status. They can connect to the member directory to find anyone on the team’s contact information.
Connects to Conversation’s Microsoft Outlook account.
Allows a User to Enter Time.
Allows a User to enter a Performance Review.
Allows a User to change personal preferences (such a contact information or profile picture).

2. This area shows who is currently logged into HQ. Clicking on a User’s name allows you to start a chat – video and all!

3. This dashboard area allows Users to post status – both on HQ and directly on Facebook.

From the Tools page, Users can Enter Time. They select their Job Code and then the specific ticket (project) they would like to record time to. This system links directly to our back-end HR system, allowing our payroll process to be simple and seamless:

From the HR page, Users can submit their Performance Review information. Managers can then go in and rate the User on each area of Performance:

If you’ve worked with us before you know we’re perfectionists when it comes to the work we do for our clients – but we believe everything we create is worth the time and effort and therefore are happy to share our very own Conversation HQ product!


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