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Conversation’s Top 5

Our Top 5 segment took a break last week, although I did give you the top 4 things i couldnt live without.¬† This week I will touch on a topic that we don’t have alot of around here, but use up every second when available; downtime.¬† When I’m not trying my hand at copywriting for our next big client’s webpage, or doing totally awesome research for the boss man, I like to surf the web for a good laugh. And who doesn’t? My downtime is precious and limited, ¬†andI like to spend it looking and laughing at picture blogs. Here are my favorites.

Top 5 Funny Picture Blogs:

5. People Who Deserve It.

People Who Deserve It is a blog that hopefully I am not the only one who agrees with it.¬† They provide people like me with “socially responsible reasons to punch someone in the face”.¬† Pretty much, they call people out for doing things that annoy the hell out of them.¬† And I love it.¬† Favorites include ‘Excessively Chatty Cabbie’, ‘Abrupt Stop Walker’ and ‘Empty Milk Carton Leaver'(Below)


4. Awkward Family Photos

This site makes me thank God every day that I don’t have an akward family, or at least any photos of them.


3. Look at This F*cking Hipster

Working on 27th Street, in close proximity to the Fashion Institute of Technology, I am completely surrounded by hipsters.¬† You know the type, the kids that were super lame in high school, now dress and pretend like they are cooler than ice, all while wearing the most ridiculous outfits ever.¬† LATFH is a tribute to all of the trash bag t-shirt wearing, PBR¬† guzzling kids, walking around with their moms acid-wash jeans going on 4 days without a shower.¬† Here’s to them!


2. There, I fixed it.

Who doesn’t like to laugh at bootleg repairs?¬† My dad once told me that a job wasn’t worth doing if it’s not done well, but please¬† don’t tell that to these people.¬† I wish I had space to post every single picture on this site, they’re all just too priceless.


1. People of Wal Mart

America’s favorite store filled with America’s most interesting people!¬† Definitely my favorite page to visit to kill some time and grab a quick laugh.



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