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Conversation’s Weekly Staff Music and Movie Picks

This is going to be a segment in our blog that will highlight one member of the Conversation team’s current music rotation and movie picks.  This will be an opportunity for our staffers to tell us what they are listening to, besides the Z100 heard around the office. Enjoy!

This weeks picks: Chris Szalkowski, Chief Tern, Conversation.


Current Rotation:

Rage Against the Machine- The Battle of Los Angeles.


Strolling through my iPod the other day, I stumbled upon this nostalgic gem.  I remember listening to this, and RATM’s other albums when I was younger for the heavy metal meets rap sound, never fully appreciating the band and their message until later.   I also remember that The Battle of Los Angeles debuted at #1 on the billboard chart, denying Mariah Carey’s ‘Rainbow’ the top spot for her big comeback.

The Weakerthans- Reunion Tour


I gave this cd a pass when it came out two years ago and didn’t really hear anything on off of it until a few weeks before I saw them play at the Bowery Ballroom last month.  Now I can’t find myself not keeping this in my current rotation. The Weakerthans make a blend of political indie power pop with a folk rock edge that is listenable to any ear,so listen to it!

Jay-Z- The Blue Print 3


Best rapper alive.  Best rap album of 2009.  Period

Movie Pick:

Where the Wild Things Are


I dare you to tell me you didn’t read this book when you were a child. Spike Jonze brings this beloved children’s book to life with a mixture of real actors, computer animation, and live puppeteering. Can’t Wait.


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