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Conversation’s Weekly Staff Picks

A day late updating the staff picks, but that could be a good thing, right? We’re too busy locking down those million dollar accounts to tell the world what they should be watching or listening to!

This weeks picks: Anthony Perez, Intern/proposal writing machine.


Watch this: Supernatural | CW             Thursday 9pm.

While the show seems to have a huge following from girls due to the male leads, I’m completely wrapped up in this show. The writing’s clever and witty, and while some story arcs go a little awry, the plot is largely interesting, entertaining, and surprising. I was almost sure of how Season 4 was going to end a few episodes before the finale and it flipped the script on me. I love the ghost-hunting, demon-chasing action mixed with jokes and situations I never see coming, such as in one episode where a wishing well in a town is granting all wishes, but with a twist, such as making a Teddy Bear come to life with symptoms of manic depression.


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