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Conversation’s White Paper Provides Emerging Ad Industry Insights

Latest issue offers marketing strategies to target the ‘connected consumer’

NEW YORK, July 23, 2012 — Conversation is announcing the launch of its latest White Paper (, which will explore the strategies used to stimulate the interest of the “connected consumer.” This issue highlights retailers’ advertising environment from a decade ago and compares them to today’s marketing standards, such as the necessity to employ smart-phone technology in a media plan. As outlined in the research, familiarity with a brand is a component that influences buying decisions. Omni-channel retail strategies are advantageous because they allow for a greater depth of brand promotion while accelerating customer engagement in the products.

“People are still shopping at ‘brick and mortar’ stores; however their methods have evolved, allowing research of their purchases to occur on the go,” said Alex Realmuto, Brand Development Strategist at Conversation. Smart-phones and iPads have allowed a customer to access and review a product without it being physically present. For the time-conscious and on-the-go consumer, this feature can be the sales difference for a brand, according to Realmuto.

Research shows that retailers are using value-centered messages as their key marketing driver when creating awareness for brands and targeting consumers. “Advertising, promoting and advocating products and brands on social networking sites has been steadily increasing as consumers are redirecting their [buying] attention,” said Frank O’Brien, Founder of Conversation. Customizable online flash sale sites emphasizing discounts and promotions have revolutionized the concept of couponing. Emerging technology is pioneering the shift in consumers’ buying decisions, and retailers are quickly learning that promotions are one of the biggest influencers in motivating purchases.

Consumers crave unique and personalized shopping landscapes, and creating an atmosphere for one-stop shopping is the ideal platform for a retailer to retain the connected consumer. Shoppers who have positive shopping experiences will identify positively with that brand and foster potential relationships for that retailer with friends, family and colleagues. Word-of-mouth advocacy is a key element to gaining customers and retaining loyalists. The contents of this White Paper, “5 Ways to Attract the ‘Connected Consumer,’” delves deeper into these strategies.

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Conversation embodies the best components of traditional, new and emerging agencies. The agency is defined by its ability to evolve and be creative. Conversation provides clients with custom solutions – everything from strategy and creative to development and execution. They boast a strong client list, which includes dressbarn, Hearst Communications, L’Oreal and SVEDKA.

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