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Convo Covers: “Just a Buddy”

At Conversation, we are big believers in “The Buddy System.” Our best ideas and best work come when we work as a team. And some of our best times happen when we come together as a family.

However, for the Client Service and Creative teams, the term “buddy” takes on a very special meaning. We take turns partnering up to collaborate on our projects and take great pride in our group efforts, celebrating our successes and overcoming challenges together.

Buddies stand by each other through thick and thin! (Even when scrambling to meet deadlines and driving each other crazy in the process.)

It’s an honor to be dubbed “buddy” — an honor we take on so proudly that we create team nicknames, handshakes, and occasionally buddy songs.

So here’s our ode to the daily trials and tribulations of life as a buddy. Enjoy! 🙂

Produced by Courtney Beaumont, Allison Amato and Katie Hughto


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