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Convo Mixtape: Klein’s Rhymes


As some who sit on the first floor of 18w23rd have come to realize, I love music, and I love singing.   While I don’t belt it out like Chris Anderson does with his soulful rendition of Usher’s Oh My God, not too much time goes by throughout the day when I don’t catch myself singling along to the Sonos.   As a result, I’ve even assumed the role of Music Captain, a responsibility which I take very seriously.  Therefore, I wanted to present my playlist- Klein’s Rhymes, a compilation of my top favorite songs of the week:
1. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.  I happen to know every word to this early 90’s classic.
2. U + Me = Us by 2Gether.  In the spirit of MTV signing off on a 2Gether reunion show, me = excited.
3. Lie in Our Graves by Dave Matthews Band.  A slower song for when I need a moment to chill and regroup during a busy day.
4. Baby by Justin Bieber.  I have more Bieber fever than a 10 year old girl.
5. Sexy and I know It by LMFAO.  Not sure if because it’s just so overplayed, but either way, I aint afraid to sing it. sing it. sing it…

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  1. Kitsana May 24, 2012 Reply

    I feel exactly the same way. Maybe pop revweis don’t say much about the actual music, because the actual music isn’t really the point? And I mean that in the nicest way. Pop is really about the whole package being used to create a persona. So, perhaps, whether any of the individual elements (music, lyrics, etc.) stand up to scrutiny isn’t as important as whether the persona as a whole is compelling. That’s not why I listen to music, but I suppose it’s as valid an approach as any other.

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