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Convo On Cannes

This past Thursday was the last Thursday of the month‚Ķdo you know what that means? It means that we hosted our ‚ÄúLast Thursday‚Äù party! We are throwing themed parties in our penthouse suite every last Thursday of the month through August. Since the Cannes Film Festival was not too long ago, we decided that that would be the perfect theme! We worked hard to transform our office into a French Riviera all from d√©cor to tasty French treats. Once stepping out of the elevator, guests had to fill out a quick survey about their opinion on award shows. Choices ranged from ‚ÄúThey‚Äôre awesome, I love seeing the best work‚Äù to ‚ÄúThey‚Äôre lame, it‚Äôs become an inner circle pat on the back.‚Äù After successfully completing the quirky ballot, VIP passes were given out, granting access to the party. Upon entering the office you were immediately floored by the delicious smells of fresh crepes being made for our wonderful guests. My personal favorite was the ‚ÄúTimes Square‚Äù which had warm caramel apples inside and garnished with powdered sugar. Yum! There was also ham and swiss cheese croissants available for the taking. Upstairs where the party was really hopping, deejaysoul was getting everyone‚Äôs feet moving with some great music. To keep with the theme, our drink of the evening was a Cote D’Azur martini. This blue concoction was quite delectable and was being served in abundance. The weather was perfect for our rooftop party and everyone seemed like they had a great time. Our friend, Kelly Samardak was nice enough to write about us on her Mediapost blog, “Just An Online Minute“. Go check out the article and pictures and see how much fun we had!


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