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Cool Gadget Wednesday

Every Wednesday we are going to highlight a product, weather it be something technological or just plain practical and cool, we’re going to highlight it here.

Cool Gadget of the Week: The WikiReader


It’s astounding how many arguments get solved by hopping on the internet and going straight to Wikipedia.  It informs you on all the random bits of knowledge you never knew you needed.  Of course you can’t always just hop on the website to check on that information.  Especially if you don’t have a smart phone of any kind.  Well for those that want to have access to that knowledge without being connected to the internet, now you can have Wikipedia with you at all times.

With 3 simple buttons and 3 million topics, WikiReader brings the iconic Wikipedia to all generations.  Next time you get into a heated debate with your buddies at the bar, make sure you have this in your pocket to squash any arguments!

The necessity of this gadget has been up for debate around the office. ¬†The real question raised is ‘Why don’t I just use my iPhone and bring up my Wikipanion app?’ ¬†And although I searched for hours trying to find a great list of reasons why the WikiReader would be so much more practical than using your iPhone, none were found. ¬†If you have a smart phone, the need for any other gadget to send emails, access the internet, or pretty much anything else is zero. ¬†With that in mind, I would have to assume that this will be marketed to people without a smart phone who want instant information anywhere, and to grammar school students too lazy to lift an encyclopedia(remember those?) off the shelves of their local library.

So if you’re one of the few people still living under a rock without a smart phone, and have a never ending thirst for infinite knowledge at all times, then the WikiReader is definitely for you. ¬†It has two one time costs of $99 to buy and $29 to update. Not too shabby.


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