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Create Your Own Adventure with Goby


I found this little gem over the weekend, trying to tie down plans for Halloween.  Sure, the majority of my friends have plans, but I want to be that guy who comes up with the best idea this year.  Parade in the city? Possibly.  Big bash at the local bar? Maybe.  Rolling up to a random house party? Hopefully not.  I wanted to find someplace really cool to show up in my Mark Sanchez costume.  This is where i employed the help of my new friend, Goby.

Goby, one of the web’s newest niche web crawlers, is attempting to tackle the giants (Google,Yahoo,Bing,etc.) where they can’t connect with users; serving up specific information on what, when and where. The site pinpoints events and times in a specific area, and offers about 200¬† different categories.¬† Besides helping me decide where to spend my Halloween, Goby is good for searching literally anything of occurence . Goby’s spiders crawl the Web to find databases containing information on events, locations and times. Although the bots don’t crawl the entire Web, they do hit sites crawled about once weekly.

I personally like this website and will give it a bit of a chance.¬† My biggest reason is that it’s kind of difficult to ask Google what events are playing this weekend because the engine doesn’t understand the concept of time, Goby gets that and that’s where it plans to strive.

Whether or not this site can brave the storm of startup search engines will remain to be seen.  Goby has a slight advantage because it indexes original content and tackles the problem of information overload. The abundance of information being indexed on Google, Bing and Yahoo can prevent people from finding specific information.

I always support the little guy, and until he lets me down, I’m going to go with Goby.


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