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Creating Christmas Nostalgia in China

christmas in china

Today, millions of people around the globe are celebrating Christmas.  This holiday has Christian roots and is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ; however, for many, the religious affiliation has been put to the side and this holiday is used to express our love for family and friends by gift giving.  Religious or not, the holiday is certainly greatly commercialized… especially for those in China.  Christmas only began to become widely celebrated in China in the early 1990s; and since nostalgia hasn’t had a great deal of time to be garnished yet, the celebration thrives off commercialism.   While the Lunar New Year holds a place close to the hearts of Chinese natives, Christmas is more of an after-thought, or a an excuse to jump on the bandwagon of all the hoopla associated with it.  Their interest is purely driven by successful global marketing tactics.  Without those red Starbucks cups, Christmas flavored and scented goods, and branded Christmas decor such as the Christmas tree made entirely of Fendi handbags in front of Shanghai’s ritzy Plaza 66 shopping center the people of China would have no reason to acknowledge the holiday.  Although it may not be as special to them as to many of us in the United States, it is being celebrated nonetheless and sales have continued to grow during this gift-giving time.  The power of successful marketing campaigns is amazing.

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