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Customer Service & The Downfall of Our Economy

This morning I walked into my local Dunkin’ Donut’s, one of three D&D’s within a three block radius of my apartment all three of which I despise going into. The interaction goes like this:

Me: “I’d like a large coffee with milk and sugar and a plain biscuit” (I’m *trying* to watch my diet)
Employee: “You want that toasted?”
Me: “No, plain is fine”
Employee with look of disgust: “Really? You don’t want it toasted? Just PLAIN?!”
Me: “Yep, that’s fine.”

Now, part of me wanted to say “What, are they gross this morning? Have you never heard of a plain biscuit?!” but I held back, as I would much rather take my opinion on the deeper matter at hand – the constant regression of customer service – to The Convo Blog.

What I want to know is, what happened to the days of customer service being key? The foundation of our culture has been built on store owners bending over backwards to make the customer happy and phrases like “the customer is always right” (which, I think is a delicate line.)

Although my regular D&D experience might seem like a small, isolated incident, I think that the regression of customer service and moreover the acceptance of lax customer service is just the beginning of the foundation of our economy eroding away. Pretty soon a bad experience at D&D is going to lead to Doctors and Lawyers using terms like “we’ll get to it,” or better yet, Marketing Executives writing blogs about Customer Service when they should really be writing a proposal.

Time keeps on ticking…


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