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Digital Agencies Have it All Wrong

Apparently so. And it’s hard to disagree with John Heenan’s article on Mediapost this morning.¬† The article stresses the fact that while digital advertising is extremely important and will continue to grow, no initiative should be digital only.¬† Campaigns need a mix of both traditional and digital for strong success.

Here’s a rather cogent excerpt:

“A cool Web site can be an important part of a marketing strategy, just as a great retail experience or exemplary customer service can. An engaging app or clever widget is helpful to keep the brand front and center, but can’t stand on its own. The only thing missing is the customer. That’s where the new generation of advertising agencies has it all right. They know how to find and deliver customers on- and offline to experience and engage with all these new tools and techniques. And they know how to pre-qualify, retarget, follow up, and strategically move the customer down the path to success.

Agencies Can Improve

Can advertising agencies improve? Absolutely. Many have lagged behind the development of new technologies and techniques. Some cling to the past for fear of what the future has in store. In this post-recession era, there is a new generation of agency that straddles the digital divide bringing best practices of the past together with the most promising of today’s techniques.

The new-generation advertising agency provides greater value and more efficiency to marketers who may have brought on specialists from digital firms previously. Marketers are more likely to look for new agency partners with a comprehensive skill set to free up their time and resources for the other Ps.”


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