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Drafty Dreams

As most of you know, I am a diehard football fan, more so NFL than College, but nevertheless, I follow both to different extents.  As a woman, my ultimate dream job is to be the Commissioner of the NFL, to replace Roger Goodell and be at the forefront of the sport that I love so much-Big Dreams!  However, I sometimes wish that I was a boy so that I could play Cornerback for the San Diego Chargers, my team of choice, and a team that desperately needs help on defense!  (When I read the announcement that Norv Turner’s contract was renewed, I had “Black Swan” moment of psychosis, but that’s another story for another day!)  Yes, if I motivated myself to get in shape, I could play football “professionally.”  Truth- there is a football league for women called the LFL, but after exposing myself to their shenanigans and tacky lingerie, I’ve decided that I’d rather eat mud and stick to dreaming.


In anticipation of the NFL Draft and my aspiration of standing at the podium in Radio City announcing, “With the first pick in the 20XX NFL Draft…,” as Mr. Goodell annually does,  I have decided to take matters into my own hands  and have my own draft for the up-and-coming (imaginary) Convo football team: “The New Traditionals.”  Andrew Luck and RG3 have nothing on us!  We’ve already got a dream team of leaders and supporters bold and fearless enough to handle any obstacle set forth unto us.  Bring it on!

Unstoppable Offense:
Quarterback: Frank-the valiant leader of the team who effectively calls and executes plays under pressure!
Wide Receiver: Nik-aka “Spiderman”-he’s fast, furious, and ferocious!
Wide Receiver: Tom-aka “The Collector”-he gets that money every time!
Tight End: Courtney-he’s big, strong; intimidating-he’ll draw out the best route!
Running Back (Full): Shaun-he’s a quick-witted ninja, finding instant openings and taking initiative!
Running Back (Half): Alex R.-he can either run with the ball or block in the back; he has a magic mirror!
Center: Mimi-she keeps the count going, her eye on the ball, and everyone in check!
Right Guard: Marisa-she takes names and stops traffic in her sleep!
Left Guard: Ali Klein-she takes her job seriously and never, ever leaves!
Right Tackle: Elyse-aka “Quiet Storm”-she sits under the radar, but strategically takes you by surprise!
Left Tackle: Winston-come at him, and he will bite! (or bark, at least!)!

Bountiful Defense:
Outside Linebacker: David-he built this house and will stop at nothing to protect it!
Inside Linebacker: Frankie-he spreads the word on the interior and takes names on the exterior!
Middle Linebacker: Kristen-she directs and senses the flow, and is always on top of her game!
Defensive End: Tandy-he’s innovative and savvy enough to go right through you!
Defensive End: Allison Amato-she’s a poised, break-out-team player from beginning to end!
Right Tackle: Cara-she’s a creative multi-tasker who leaves her mark and jumps right into the mess!
Left Tackle: Rajendra-he’s the positive force that helps us overcome barriers!
Strong Safety:  Kellye-she’s tough as nails and can read and write code instantaneously!
Free Safety: Nathan-standing alone in his area (Midwest), he develops ideas that bring us to the next level!
Cornerback: Chris A.-he’ll take your business, seal the deal, and bring it home!
Cornerback: Chris HW-he’s the invisible, machine-like force that gets it done!


There you have it-the picks are in!  Once we throw on some trendy orange jerseys (and I don’t mean Peyton Manning’s newly stitched Broncos’ jersey!), we will be a force to be reckoned with!  So much talent on one team, it isn’t fair to the competitors!

I will always hold tightly onto those farfetched NFL dreams of mine, but for now, I’ll live in the moment with my team here at Convo, all the way to the top!



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