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Droid Does 250,000 in Sales During First Week


I wrote a post a few weeks ago critical of Verizon’s latest attack at the iPhone empire, the Driod.¬† After first week sales of 250,000, I’m impressed,but not completely sold on this new gadget.¬† Lets take a look at this nifty chart I stole from Mashable:


While a quarter of a million first week sales is impressive for itself, but take a peak at what the latest generation of the iPhone was able to sell.¬† Granted, this isnt an “apples to apples” comparison; Apple had an installed base of 27 million and both phones are excuslively available to different services.¬† With those concessions aside, Apple’s sale of the iPhone continues to dwarf other smart phone sales and increase their market share.

Christmas is quickly coming around the corner, and everyone’s firsthand expierences with the Driod have yet to really surface across the social airwaves, so before I continue to be critical of the Droid’s success, we’ll see what happens in the next few weeks. Good luck!


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