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The Effectiveness of Meme Marketing

The Effectiveness of Meme Marketing

Memes.  What even are they? We hear this term tossed around in the digital world and probably have an idea of what they are, but most likely we just have a very loose definition of them in our heads.  A funny picture.  A sarcastic tagline.  A short video clip.  A viral sensation.  A random picture of a Target employee named Alex? All of the aforementioned are accurate in their own right, but what purpose do these “things” serve in a more goal-oriented situation?  An article published by Mashable explains their place in the world of marketing:

“Since memes are already viral by definition, it can be tempting to use them to your advantage in your marketing strategy. This is often referred to as “memejacking” and if it’s done right, it can really push your social marketing over the edge. But memes can be tricky, and if you mess up, it can be pretty embarrassing.

Here are three important steps to memejack the correct way:

  1. Understand the meme first. If you’re unsure of the correct way to use a meme, don’t just try it anyway. Go to, search for the particular meme you’re interested in, and read up on it before you even get started. If you use a meme incorrectly, it can seriously backfire.
  2. Don’t waste time. Some memes stay popular for years, and others fall flat after a few months or even days. If you’re going to memejack, do it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could end up using it too late.
  3. Make sure it’s appropriate. If your business has a very serious reputation, and subsequently, a very serious audience, using memes could actually offend or isolate people — the exact opposite of what you want.”

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