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Electronic Arts Aquires Facebook Game Maker For Up to $400 Million

Do you know anyone who plays games on Facebook and Myspace for hours and hours?  Of course you do.  It shows up in your Live Feed; people post pictures, stats, and milestones of a time consuming game that does nothing but further laziness and internet addiction.  We all have those friends on Facebook, and by now I have hopfully hidden all news feeds of anyone playing these pointless games.


It looks like game maker Playfish, responsible for such social media classics such as ‘Restaurant City’ and ‘Pet Society’ have received their payday for their ridiculously addicting games to the tune of what could be $400 million dollars.¬† Electronic Arts has aquired Playfish for $275 million in cash and $25 million in equity.¬† If Playfish reaches certain ‘performance milestones’, the price tag reaches a cool $400 mil.

With this huge payout it goes to show the future of social gaming has the potential to be huge.¬† The acquisition by EA of Playfish opens the door to limitless possibilities with gaming consoles and social gaming now that the muscle, and wallet, of EA is behind them.¬† I just wish I developed the monotonous game that caught the eye of the big gaming company to open their checkbook for a few hundred million for me.¬† One day…


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