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Elyse Levine? There’s an App for That.

When the iPod was first released, it became a staple in celeb magazines and general culture to ask what was on it. The music you owned seemed to define who you are. Now, not only can you have music on these devices, you can have games, books, utilities, you name it – so “who are you?” has become “what apps do you use?”

Here’s a little about who I am, from the perspective of my iPad.

Kindle app – my immediate go-to for pretty much anything I have to wait for. Currently, I’m in the middle of the second book of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy (don’t judge me…), but past haunts have included the Hunger Games trilogy, Game of Thrones, Steve Jobs’ biography, Tina Fey’s Bossypants, several books on UX methodology, and even some Star Wars books (…I know).


Music – I’m not really one for playlists as I get obsessed with specific songs every few days, but current obsessions include “Oh Sherrie” by Steve Perry, “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO, most things by Johnny Cash, and “Cosmic Love” by Florence and the Machine. I REFUSE to download Call Me Maybe.

Unblock Me – My latest game obsession has you move a bunch of brown blocks in order to free a red block. Super addicting and great for spatial reasoning skills!

unblock me

Garage Band – I haven’t worked up the courage to record anything on my cello yet, but when I do, I expect to be making and releasing an album of epic proportions. Stay tuned (get it?).

Evernote – A great place to house all my notes about everything else going on in my life, especially with the addition of the wireless keyboard I got for my birthday. There are notes about product ideas and groups that I’m currently in outside of work, and I blame EnRevo for getting me hooked.

Flipboard – If you haven’t tried this app yet, you should immediately. It aggregates all of your social media accounts into a really cool magazine format that you can literally flip through, in addition to being able to download content from other sources (like Popular Science magazine, Disney/Pixar blog, the Cool Hunter blog, etc.).


Elyse Levine? There’s an app for that.


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