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Why So Emotional?

If you watched the 2015 SuperBowl, or at least if you tuned in to all the hoopla about the commercials the next morning, then you should be pretty aware of the fact that, for the most part, this year’s ads took a slightly different tone than what is typically expected.  The emotions were high and the laughs were few and far between.

I personally absolutely loved the commercials!  They drew you in from the start and really felt like story.  By the end of the commercial I literally felt a connection brewing with the brand.  To be completely honest, I actually even teared up a few times!  To me, that means the advertisers did their job; however, many didn’t welcome the emotional appeal as much.  Comments I have heard have ranged from “I was watching the Super Bowl!  I didn’t want to go into a depression on every commercial break!” or “Ew you liked the commercials?! I thought they were horrible they were all so depressing!”

Something tells me that this kind of negative reaction wouldn’t necessarily bother the featured brands all that much though, because at the end of the day, they won.  They captured their audience’s attention and created more buzz around their brand.

Advertising can take two very different routes: it can be rational and focus primarily on relaying the details and information about their product or it can be emotional and appeal to your memories, and heart.  Both are effective for different brands, but one thing is for sure: emotional advertising generates sales.