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Event Marketing Effectiveness:
This Weekend’s Bi-Coastal
Made In America Festival

made in america

TV, social media, print, radio, billboards… there are so many different channels that can be utilized to reach your target market.  However, the only way to get your market to be engaged hands-on is through live event marketing.  This weekend’s bi-coastal Made In America Festival hosted by Jay-Z in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles is being sponsored by Budweiser, and what a smart investment that is for them!  With crowds from coast to coast expected to reach around 100,000, they have an opportunity to spark a great deal of “conversation” among fans via Instagram photos, hashtags, Vine’s etc.  What starts out as a reach of about 100,000, can turn into billions!  Happy fans walking around, clad in America themed ensembles, making lasting memories, all while holding an ice-cold can of Budweiser in their hand… what more can the brand dream of?  Live events are a means to reach your audience via the content you put out from the initial advertisement, all the way to what you do with the user generated content from the actual event.  If executed properly from start to finish, your efforts will truly make a lasting impact.

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