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Exploring Agency Positioning: Overview

As agencies, we are hired for a variety of reasons.  One of those reasons is to help position our client’s brands.  Proper positioning helps to ease distribution of a communications message, expand categories, and increase brand equity.

My favorite example of client brand positioning comes in the form of Avis’ “We Try Harder” campaign which I reference ad nauseum.  At the time of the campaign’s release, Avis was the number two car rental company in the world.  By saying that because they were number two they had to “try harder” Avis quickly overtook Hertz to become the number one car rental company.

In recent years ones “personal” brand has been in the forefront of culture.  With an abundance of outlets to speak your mind, many which serve as archive for people to search, we’re constantly reminded to be careful of what we say, where we say things, and how we say them.  After all, you never know who may be looking at your Facebook profile.  What do you want people’s first impression to be?

As an agency, we also have a brand.  Positioning that brand in a competitive services field can be challenging and agencies take differing approaches to make themselves stick out.

This week we’ll explore how agencies position themselves from Strawberry Frog’s “Cultural Movements” to Grey’s “Famously Effective Since 1917.”  Some agencies use the opportunity to create a new niche like Victor’s and Spoil’s “The World’s first creative agency built on crowd sourcing principles.”  Others merely reference their heritage and stand on the shoulders of those before them (I’m talking about you, Ogilvy!)

With the fragmentation of marketing services and the emergence of new media channels, agency positioning will surely only get more creative in the years to come.  Luckily, as emerging channels become commonplace, they inherently become traditional.  Therefore “The New Traditional” will continually position Conversation at the forefront of an ever evolving industry.

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